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Cervical cancer affects approximately 11,000 women in the United States each year. Cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer for women worldwide, but because it develops over time, it is also one of the most preventable types of cancer. Deaths from cervical cancer in the United States continue to decline by approximately 2 percent a year. This decline is primarily due to the widespread use of the Pap test to detect cervical abnormalities and allow for early treatment. Most women who have abnormal cervical cell changes that progress to cervical cancer have never had a Pap test or have not had one in the previous three to five years. Despite the fact cervical cancer is nearly 100 percent curable if detected in the early stages, an estimated 4,000+ women each year in the U.S. will die from it. In the majority of developing countries, where the risk of death from the disease is even greater, cervical cancer remains the number-one cause of cancer-related deaths among women. To learn more about cervical cancer, please visit the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) website at http://www.nccc-online.org

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